Welcome to my website !

I have created this website to share with you my blog, articles and photos. The blog sections gathers informations, stories and travel updates of different countries that I have visited - Kazakhstan, Sweden, the Baltic Countries, the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, Australia... Under the "scientific popularization" section, you will also find a section with the articles I have written for the "Environment section" of the bilingual (English and Spanish)Yachting Times magazine, an American boating magazine. Another feature of this website is a photo album of my best shots, taken in several parts of the world.

This website is both in English and in French; please click on the icons on the top right of the page if you wanna view it in the other language. Moreover, you'll find that some contents  (some photos and a few posts) are reserved to members - family and friends for instance and other contents are public. To become a member, it is very simple! If you are interested, click on the "create an account" link in the top left corner, which will lead to a form you'll need to fill out; you will be asked to choose a username and password that you will use to connect to the member space and access more contents than regular viewers. 

If you're a traveller looking for info on future destinations, hopefully you'll find interesting tips to plan your trips! I hope you enjoy reading me! Comments will be much appreciated if you care to leave some, as well as bug or mistake reports! I'm especially interested in knowing if I have made identification mistakes in my wildlife photos if there are any biologists spotting aberrations! Any artist in the family who cares to comment on the photographic techniques used? I'll be happy to take your advice for that, too! You have several tools to do that - the contact forms, the comments for each article or photo and the guestbook! Thanks in advance for using them if you feel the need to. Cheers!

Enjoy browsing and let's keep in touch!


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