Photo Album

  • England

    6 England
    Here are some photos taken in England during my second year of masters.
  • Bahamas

    17 Bahamas
    Some photos I took during my stay at the Bimini Biological Field Station aka SharkLab in October-December 2010.
  • Britanny

    21 Britanny
    Photos taken in July 2012 during a road trip in Brittany with my mother.
  • Scotland

    9 Scotland
    Few photos taken during a short road trip with friends in beautiful Scotland. 
  • Ecuador

    34 Ecuador
    Here are photos of my stay in Ecuador - I spent a few weeks volunteering in Yachana Reserve with Global Vision International and then travelled in different parts of the country.
  • Spain

    11 Spain
    Here are some photos taken during my stay in Spain when I was studying during my first year of masters and during other visits. 
  • United States

    23 United States
    Few photos taken in the States in 2008.
  • France

    28 France
    Some photos taken in different parts of France. 
  • Greece

    10 Greece
    A few photos taken in Greece in 2008 where I was working as a summer camp leader. 
  • Réunion Island

    41 Réunion Island
    Here are some photos I took during a great holiday in Réunion Island, a French island in the Indian Ocean, in September 2012. 
  • Galápagos Islands

    14 Galápagos Islands
    Some photos of what was probably one of the most interesting experiences of my life!
  • Kazakhstan

    44 Kazakhstan
    These photos have been taken during a road trip my cousin and I did in beautiful and authentic Kazakhstan in July 2009 followed by a few days of trekking and rock climbing in the Tian Shan.
  • Kerguelen

    49 Kerguelen
    Here is a selection of photos taken during the 6 months of my stay in Kerguelen in the Indian Ocean where I worked as a field assistant on seabirds and marine mammals in 2011/2012. This is one of the most remote places on Earth and I know my photos are not even close for doing it justice but I hope you still enjoy them! There are also a few photos showing Crozet, Amsterdam and Saint-Paul Islands.
  • Latvia

    11 Latvia
    Photos taken in Latvia during a very enjoyable trip throughout the Baltic countries with my mother (and our dog!) with her RV.
  • Lithuania

    16 Lithuania
     Photos taken in Estonia during a very enjoyable trip throughout the Baltic countries with my mother (and our dog!) with her RV.
  • Madagascar

    44 Madagascar
    Here are photos from my stay in Madagascar where I did my masters fieldwork in 2010. 
  • Mexico

    5 Mexico
    Here are a few photos (mostly aerials) from Mexico, where I went for an awesome long week-end of diving in 2009.
  • Me

    50 Me
    I hesitated creating this category - sounds a bit selfish or cocky maybe - but because you don't see me very often, and not in some situations like when I am in the field, I thought... why not? (reserved access for family and relatives)
  • Nudibranchs

    33 Nudibranchs
    Ok, it might not come as a surprise to you: I'm a bit of a "nudibranch geek"! Here are some photos of those beautiful marine creatures also known as sea slugs from different parts of the world! 
  • Basque Country

    20 Basque Country
    Here are a few photos taken in the Basque Country where I was volunteering to collect data on migratory birds in September 2011. 
  • Philippines

    7 Philippines
    Few photos taken in the Philippines where I went twice in 2009 and 2010 to volunteer for an Australian NGO doing biodiveristy work in coastal areas and in the jungle.
  • Underwater photography

    42 Underwater photography
    Here are some shots I took while scuba diving in various parts of the world.
  • Birdies

    94 Birdies
    If you've read the articles on this website, you've understood that bird watching is one of my favorite hobbies! Here are some of my best bird shots from different parts of the world.  
  • Portraits

    100 Portraits
    Here are photos of people that I met during my travels and that somehow inspired me or moved me. I would never thank people enough for their time and affection (reserved access to the family/relatives).
  • Science

    24 Science
    Sciency stuff: those photos were taken during marine biology and oceanography practicals, among others.
  • Sweden

    18 Sweden
    Photos taken during my stay in Sweden where I worked as a field assistant on Gotland Island in 2011.
  • Vietnam

    21 Vietnam
    This category comprises of photos taken in 2013 in Vietnam where I trained to become and worked as a scuba diving instructor.
  • Urban territory

    80 Urban territory
    Here are some photos taken in various cities of the world during my travels. 

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