Nature and erratic boulders

After leaving the shore of Lake Peipsi, we visited the beautiful convent of Pühtitsa, at Kuremäe (too bad we couldn’t take photos inside, it would have been cool!). We then drove on the coastal road between Toila and Saka to admire the north-estonian klint. It’s made of cliffs diving straight to the sea (it was supposed to be stunning according to the guides and photos, maybe we didn’t stop in the right places to see the view, but it didn’t look that impressive to us...).  The 30-meter-high Valaste waterfalls, however, on the same road, was worth stopping for a bit. Last stop before the open spaces of Lahemaa National Park : Rakvere, its castle and its huge statue of auroch. But more interesting was the park of Lahemaa. It’s a beautiful place and we did two nice hikes there. The first one, near Käsmu, allowed us to follow the coastline while hiking in a beautiful pine forest, observing a few birds for a while, and seeing lots of erratic boulders. Those big rocks seem to have come here as if by magic. A beautiful landscape during this walk, which we really liked and allowed the dog to gambol for a while (and to come back covered with ticks, which was less fun…). The second hike, the next day, allowed us to discover the vegetation of the local bogs. We crossed this environment thanks to a couple of kilometers of boardwalks. I was glad to observe Drosera, carnivorous plants that I find quite beautiful, typical of this kind of environment. From the top of the observation tower on the way : no birds, unfortunately, but beautiful landscapes of lakes, bogs and mires. After the hike, we stopped to visit the small but interesting museum of art of Viinistu. Then, we went to Jägala waterfalls (thanks to our patience, because it was really hard to find !!) on the way to Tallinn.


Chutes de Valaste / Valaste waterfalls

Château de Rakvere / Rakvere castle

Rochers erratiques de Käsmu / Käsmu's erratic boulders

Plantes carnivores du genre Drosera / Carnivorous plants of the Drosera genius

Chutes de Jägala / Jägala waterfalls

Lahemaa Käsmu castle Rakvere waterfall Valaste north-estonian klint

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