North of Lithunia, south-east of Latvia

The north of Lithuania is a beautiful region. We visited Palūšė and its beautiful wooden church, among others. It’s located in the national park of Aukštaitijos, full of forests, lakes and bogs. The visit of the Bee-keeper’s museum, hard to find, was worth it, with its hives and wooden sculptures all richly decorated. We then crossed the Latvian border to Daugavpils. The basilica of Aglona, in the south of the country, is an important site for pilgrims. Each year, thousands of them come at the Assumption, to admire an icon of Virgin Mary with curative virtues. Our first impressions of Latvia: it is globally less beautiful than Lithuania (at least this part of the country), and less welcoming. In the south-eastern part of the country, lots of people speak Russian; they don’t smile as much, they are more austere. Cities, at least in this region, look more sovietic and sober than the ones we had visited in Lithuania. There is also less information available for tourists and it’s sometimes difficult to find the things we wanna see or visit, which is a bit frustrating. Crossing the country towards the west, we arrived in Riga, the capital of Latvia, on the 26th of July.


Bee-keeper's museum


Saint-Boris-and-Saint-Gleb orthodox church in Daugavpils


Aglona's Basilica

Daugavpils Aukštaitijos museum Palūšė basilica Aglona Latvia Lithunia

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