On the way to Estonia

From Riga, we went towards the north-east to get to Estonia by a city that was cut in half when the borders were established, and which name is Valka in one side and Valga in another. On the way, we stopped near Sigulda (and again, since there is no information or sign, we couldn’t find the castle we wanted to visit…!). But we went for a nice walk going from the cave of Gūtmana ala to the castle of Turaidas. Only ruins remain of the castle, but we can also see a small church and the grave of Maijas, the rose of Turaidas. According to the local folklore, this lady was in love with a gardener and refused to marry a captain. Out of rage, he invited the girl to meet him at the cave, in order to abuse her. Choosing death over disgrace, she told him her scarf had magical powers and that she would give it to him if he left her alone. To prove her point, she wrapped it around her neck and said it would make her invicible. Thus, he could not cut her head off with his sword, which he did when she asked him to try… Now you know the story of the rose of Turaidas. After this nice hike and the drive to Estonia, we stopped in Rõuge, a beautiful village, to sleep next to a peaceful lake.


Turaidas castle



lake Turaidas castle Rõuge Estonia

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