Stop in Gdańsk (Poland)

On Wednesday, 10th, we stopped for a few hours to visit the « pearl of the Baltic », Gdańsk. This beautiful city has a rich past.  The social movements which ended the communist regime in the spring 1989 started here.  This city belongs to the hanseatic league, which gives it a special personnality  and it leaves an impression of open-mindedness.  Houses, sculptures, fountains and other buildings are very impressive. Everything attracts the eye (and the camera !). We thus had a very pleasant walk in the Old Town : following the Motława river, we then crossed the Green Gate to go to Długa street which ends with the Golden Gate and a tower, then we passed the impressive Grand Arsenal and then we stopped in Notre-Dame Church. There are a lot of cafés, musicians and human statues in the streets. There are a lot of tourists as well, which isn’t very surprising, but still the city is charming. After this walk, we went back to driving, direction: Lithuania.  We left Gdańsk by mid-afternoun and managed to make it to the Lithuanian border (where there was, weirdly enough, no control or police whatsoever) in late evening (10 pm with the jet lag of one hour). On the way we saw lots of storks. That was pretty cool ! First thing we saw in Lithuania : the gas station, where fuel is less expensive than in Poland, with loads of stuffed animals (wolves, elks, foxes, …) inside (weird !). The information center being right there, we stopped for the night to wait for the morning to go get brochures and information. It was better to stop anyway since there was a big thunderstorm with hail from time to time (but it was still really hot!).


Golden Gate


The Arthus House and the Neptune Fountain

Poland Gdańsk

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