To the fifth largest European Lake

After Rõuge, we went to the Big-Egg Hill’s observation tower  (Suur Munamägi), the highest point in Latvia with 318 meters (I know, it doesn’t look like it, but for a country that flat, it’s  kinda impressive!). From the top, there is a very nice view of the surroundings. Then, we looked for the ruins of the Vastseliina castle… Too bad we couldn’t find it! After that, we looked for the Kiidjärvé windmill, to the north, after Põlva, which we also didn’t find (it started to be quite annoying at that point!!). We stopped to a place where somebody told us to go (his bad English didn’t allow me to understand if there was the windmill we were looking for or not, so we went anyway…). After a late lunch, we went for a nice walk with Toupaille in a forest. We passed the Cave of the Virgin and a few cliffs, before turning back, since there was still no windmill in sight. Then, we went to Tartu, an important city for students from all over the country. And again, it wasn’t easy to find the downtown of the city. The only thing we could find for a while was St Paul’s church, which was closed, and the decorated train station… At the end, we finally found it. We passed the Museum of History and the ruins of the cathedral, then the Anatomical Theatre and the observatory. After leaving the park, we went to Town Square, where we can see the Fountain of the Kiss. In the same street, a house is weirdly tilted. We then went to St John’s church, which has ceramique figurines all over the walls, which makes it unique. After  this visit, we drove to Kallaste, on the shore of Lake Peipus, the fifth biggest lake in Europe, where the dog and I went for a swim before going to bed.

White stork near Taevaskoja
Fountain of the Kiss in Tartu
Lake Peipsi

Estonia lake Peipus Kallaste Tartu Suur Munamägi

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