It is cold but people are nice !

I arrived in Melbourne on the 4th of May. My first impressions are in the title of this post: it’s cold but people are nice! Well, for the weather, I have to say it’s the beginning of fall here so it’s pretty normal and because of the big difference with Vietnam, it wasn’t likely to not feel the cold! In fact, when I went out of the airport, in tee-shirt, I thought it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected but I was standing in the sun; in the shade with some wind, it’s actually a different story! The following days, we ha drain regularly but I shouldn’t complain too much… because at least we’re in the fall unlike you guys in Europe who have that kinda weather in the middle of the spring ?! Sorry, I didn’t mean to rub it in, oups…

And other than that the kindness and open-mindedness of people have impressed me and made me feel welcomer  –  a guy who gave me coin to call from a public phone because I only had notes, the driver sent by uni who gave me a lot of advices about life in Australia, the neighbor of my couchsurfer who brought me a big tea and nice hot cakes to warm me up when I was waiting in front of his place for him to get home after work , the people in the street who let me use their phones when I needed to call someone when I couldn’t use mine because it was picking up the network… nice first contacts as you can tell! Let’s hope it stays that way for the rest of my stay! It’s funny the number of people you don’t know in the street, in the supermarket, at the bank etc who ask you how you’re doing, what you’re doing here or how has your day been so far! 

cold weather people nice Melbourne Australia

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