We decided to visit the Aksu-Zhabagly reserve with Andrey and Aelita. Since it was already dark when we arrived nearby, Aelita’s family invited us to stay at their place. We went out for dinner because Aelita’s cousin invited us to eat some chachliks (brochettes)!

The next day, the four of us drove to the reserve. It took us some time to find the right way, but we finally arrived to the village of Zhabagly, where we found somebody to tell us that it was impossible to visit the reserve since the place to obtain permit was closed on Sunday (what’s the hell??????).. We couldn’t find a guide for a reasonable price anyways, so we decided to just hike near the border of the reserve.

The hike was pleasant, we saw a lot of different plants and insects. We followed the watershed for a while and then went uphill to enjoy the view of the surrounding hills and mountains. Here are some pics:




And here is me: 


Aksu-Zhabagly Kazakhstan

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