After another night in the car, we entered the national park of Altyn-Emel - the biggest in Kazakhstan from what I read. The steppe is surrounded by two mountain chains: Aktau and Kaktau and the landscapes are, once again, beautiful.


Near the entrance of the national park


Aktau mountains


Nice encounter!

We tried to find the 'Singing Dunes' on our own, but once again we failed because of contradictory informations obtained from local people. We then decided to go to the parc office but we were afraid it would cost a lot of money. The English-speaking person was out for lunch so we tried to find a place to eat as well. After asking villagers, we couldn't find anything (some tell you it is on the right, some that it is on the left, and others tell you there is no place to eat in the village...!) but we got invited by a nice guy! We thus shared a meal with this volleyball trainer (how wierd in a place where it seems like there are only farmers...) in his nice house! He also gave us some fruits from his garden! 


Lunch with our volleyball trainer friend

After that, we went back to the office and decided not to pay the expensive price to visit the dunes with a guide. We decided to try again on our own.. but it was impossible since we had to pay a little bit farther to cross the fence to access the dunes. However, we found somebody else to guide us for a reasonable price. We reached the dunes and hiked to the top to enjoy a beautiful view of the other dunes and of the Ili River! 


The Singing Dunes


My new friend! how cute...


View from the top of one of the dunes


Me on the dunes

Altyn-Emel Kazakhstan Ili River Singing Dunes Kaktau Aktau

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