We decided to visit the natural reserve of Korgalzhin, 150 km south-west of Almaty. Hopefully, the road wasn't that bad, but the lack of signs delayed us and we arrived in the village of Korgalzhin later than expected. Then, we tried to look for some place to eat. Pretty hard when all you see look like this: 


Surroundings of Korgalzhin

Thanks to a lot of patience (well, for some reason, inhabitants weren't really helping finding the damn place, probably because we don't really speak Russian...), here it was!!!


The damn 'restaurant' where all you can have is plov (rice with meat) and tea! But at least, it was cheap!

After this, we tried to ask local people the directions to the reserve, or at least the lake. Some of them didn't even know there was a lake nearby!! So we decided to try to find it on our own! Which we did, some time later... finally! Obviously, there were no signs or so to help us find our way.. we were kinda used to it by then!
We saw a lot of birds there: egrets, pelicans, raptors, wading birds... but unfortunately, no flamingo! The salty lake Tenghiz is supposed to host the biggest population of flamingo from April to September.. Too bad we didn't see them! 


Near the lake

We went around the lake with the car, trying to see the flamingos. The landscapes were pretty cool in that area, contrasting with the monotony of the surrounding flat steppes.


Lake Tenghiz

lake Tenghiz birds flamingos Kazakhstan Korgalzhin

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