First thing first, we went to a place to repair our flat tire. Thanks to Andrey, we paid the local price: about 3-4 euros!! The ‘garage’ looked like this:


Then, we went to buy a SIM card to put on our phone to be able to call people in the country in case of problems (let’s say, randomly, with the car for instance!!). It was very cheap, about 2 euros with some credit already! Then we went to the bazar with Andrey and his Kazakh friend Aelita.

Here is a picture of the very tasty bread sold in the bazar:




And this is Andrey, Aelita, Samir and I in front of the mosque:



Thanks to them, we learned a bit of Russian! We got home for dinner. Later, when we were driving Aelita back home, we had the great surprise to realize that we had another flat tire. According to Andrey, this one was probably damaged on purpose to ‘welcome’ us to Taraz, which is not a very touristic city, by the way!!!

In Taraz, we also visited the stunning Karakhan mausoleum and a beautiful cathedral.

garage bazar Taraz Kazakhstan

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