And for a change: elephant seals!

Another field session has just come to an end. It was a change for me since my first mission was to help Nory and Jade, two persons from the lab who worked on elephant seals. We came to Pointe Morne with the tractor because there was some equipment that needed to be brought here. On the way, before Morne, we prospected and found the female elephant seal with the equipment we needed to retrieve. We took the device off and measured and weighed the animal. In the afternoun, we did the same thing, with the tractor but in the direction of Ratmanoff this time. Except for the prospecting to find animals fitted with some devices, we also equiped more individuals, males this time. I have thus learned how to deal with those big animals, with a great team, that I thank for all the good times we've spent together, with a slow rythm that let us time to rest a bit, which didn't hurt!! And we also went to Pointe de l'Ornithologue, to go see some endemic birdies. We had to start ringing Kerguelen shag's chicks. Kéké showed me how to put the rings on and take measurements since I had never worked with those birds before. And except for work, we'll remember our little ritual: playing cards with a drink before dinner.


Pointe de l'Ornithologue, gentoo penguins and shags' colonies


Pointe Morne


Female Eaton pintail seen during the return transit


Morne desert on the return transit

Kerguelen Pointe Morne elephant seals shags Pointe de l'Ornithologue

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