Back in Mayes

After Pointe Suzanne, a few days off allowed Tiphaine to discover Mayes Island with Max and I. I thus went back on the barge (it'd been a while!) and discovered new parts of the Gulf of Morbihan (Laboureur especially). Since it was the first time Tiphaine was on the boat, we had to see dolphins and fair enough, they were there! Denis, the captain, let us go on land at Armor, where people were dropped off, to see the abandonned fish farm that had been set up and that had functionned from 1984 to 1993 in the hope of developing a salmon business.
On Mayes, we walked round the island to ring the black-faced sheathbills' chicks; there weren't that many nests but it still wasn't that easy because some chicks were hidden very well, deep in their nests. We also had to catch a few adults that weren't ringed (that, too, wasn't easy!) to ring them.This tour allowed us to see the coasts and the rockhopper penguins with their chicks (that were way bigger that last time I'd been there!they're so cute). The adults were molting and had very strange looks! A grey petrel also displayed its wares in front of us, trying to land next to its den. A magical moment! We also ringed, measured and weighed a few diving petrels' chicks and tried to do night misnetting sessions. We had to cut it short every night because of the windy conditions and the rain, which left more time to play cards and celebrate Tiphaine's birthday! On the way back, Denis allowed us to set foot on land in Laboureur to see the cabin (the other city hall of the island; a wedding has been celebrated there once!). It was a very nice place!


Aurora australis on base


Rockhopper penguin molting


Black-faced sheathbill chick


Grey petrel looking for a landing place

Kerguelen Mayes sheathbills chicks moult

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