Barge ride in the Gulf of Morbihan

Back on base, I went to the doctor, to get my feet checked out and I try to rest as much as possible to be able to go back to the field soon in good condition. Thomas (our predecessor bird watcher) took me on a tour to visit the base. There were a few nice parties (I think Kevin will remember his birthday party!) and meetings with my colleagues to schedule our field activities. I enjoyed sleeping in a few mornings as well. Apart from those activities, I got lucky to find a spot on the barge to go discover new landscapes in the Gulf of Morbihan. We saw different islands: Mayes, Guillou, Pig's Island, Long Island, Tall Island... It was a nice day with a calm sea and get out of base did me good! Some people got dropped off to go to their field sites and others got picked up to go back to base after their field session. It was the occasion for me to see Commerson dolphins for the first time. There black and white dolphins inhabiting the Gulf waters and are often observed from the barge.Although they were kinda shy, it was magical! On the way back to base, we also saw a whale (hard to tell which species, maybe a sperm or right whale?). And as usual, local birds flew past the boat: diving petrels, shags, sooty albatrosses, kelp gulls, terns... It was such a nice day! I'm looking forward to doing other boat trips in the Gulf!


Commerson dolphins


Dropping off the lucky people going to Sourcils Noirs at the Halage 


Typical landscapes in the Gulf of Morbihan and the Alberta wreck

Kerguelen Port-aux-Français barge Commerson dolphins Gulf of Morbihan

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