Christmas and New Year in the field

You might wonder how we spend Christmas and New Year away from base, in the field. Well, I have to say that everything went well, better than I expected even, and we ate and drank well. This is because we all brought good food to cook praiseworthy diners: toasts with foie gras and different dips, pistachio, cashew nuts, trout carpaccio (brought back by Thibaut who went fishing for New Year), duck breast for Christmas and duck filets for New Year'Eve, chestnuts, green beans, cakes, chocolates, candies, and some nice French and Spanish wines. We even received gifts (thank you to Charly and Yves for their attention, I was moved! I got a Zippo and a nice brain teaser it took a few days for Thibaut and I to solve!). People wished us a merry Christmas via the VHF call we make everyday at 5.30 pm and we've been able to reach the scientific programmes' coordinator at midnight. There was more agitation on the air for New Year's Eve. We heard the BCR(Communication Office)'s message (thank you Antoine!), people from Totoche (the bar for people who didn't read the other articles!), from Pointe Suzanne (another isolated site), and it looked like everybody was having a lot of fun erverywhere!! I'm taking advantage of this article to wish you a Happy New Year; I hope it'll bring you what you need! For the last day of 2011, Charly and Yves allowed us to get some time off. We all went on a walk that afternoun, in the direction of Cataractes. We could admire other huge macaroni penguins' colonies (it's crazy how big they are!!), some skuas' and wandering albatrosses' chicks, as well as some king penguins. We went to a river and Thibaut fished for some time (thanks to him we had a nice trout carpaccio that evening). The setting was wonderful, between wandering alabtrosses mating, king penguins and elephant seals. As you can tell, spending the holiday season in isolated sites, with only a few people, isn't that bad after all, it was more interesting that was excepted, I guess!

Walk in the direction of Cataractes – me and elephant seals
Thibaut and the trout he fished for New year's Eve's diner
Skua's chicks

Kerguelen penguins field Cape Cotter Christmas New Year fishing

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