Here comes the Marion again

On January, 8th, I had a quiet day on base to sleep in and finally open the boxes I had received during the last PO with stuff that was too heavy to take on the plane and boat with me when I came to Kerguelen, tidy and do laundry. The next day, the Marion Dufresne was already back (time between PO3 and PO4 flew by, once again!). This PO was way shorter than the last one (24 hours instead of 5 days). This time, I won't name all the people who left, there were more than 30 of them. But I wish them a good trip. A lot of people staying only during summer, scientists, and foreign contributors left. Good luck for all your projects, and I hope to see you again in the southern lands or elsewhere! I was on duty at the Drop Zone to open the helicopter's doors with Baptiste. So I saw everyone leave. And during this PO, there were also the visit and speech of the prefect, a great party in Totoche (the bar) (people who stayed 'til 6 in the morning to dance can say the same I think!), a few meetings with our boss, the mail (I have been spoiled, once again! Thanks guys for sending me letters and packages and thinking about me!), a few phone calls.... 


Base of Port-aux-Français and Marion Dufresne anchored


Fred, Baptiste and I at the Drop Zone (photo: Nathanaël)


No comment! (photo: Nathanaël)

Kerguelen OP Marion DZ base Port-aux-Français

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