Home sweet home

The 19th of October was a big day for us! Due to bad weather conditions that prevented the oceanographers on board from deploying their devices, we arrived in Kerguelen one day earlier than expected. When I woke up on the 19th, the coasts of the Kerguelen Archipelago were already in sight. After a quick breakfast, we all went to the bridge to take photos. Once we put our luggage on the deck, I fully realized that the adventure was really starting when I look at our new home getting closer and closer. Kerguelen's barge, the Adventure II, arrived; they unloaded our bags and then it was our turn to jump on the boat. 5 minutes later, we set foot on the island, welcomed by the inhabitants of the base. 51 other people -scientists, guys from the army and other technicians – already lived there. Our predecessors bird nerds had to go to the field right away, so two girls, Françoise and Marine, from another biology research programme showed us around. A little bit of snow started falling from the sky, just to remind us where we were now! We got our luggages back and stored them in our new rooms (single rooms – it's luxury! The bathroom is individual too, they used to be shared but not anymore – I'll post photos later) before going for a tour to see the main building of the base – the restaurant, the halls, the hospital, the library, the labs, the movie theater, the sport center ... and Totoche, the bar, central place of the life in Kerguelen Island! The afternoun went by really fast and there was a welcome speech and a time to introduce ourselves before dinner. After dinner, we had a nice party at the bar to start meeting everybody. We felt home and welcomed and we won't forget this evening!

Kerguelen Port-aux-Français base arrival celebration

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