Honey, I'm back!

After a field session that turned out to be tourism, we came back to work in Cape Cotter, Maxime, Antoine from the BCR (responsible for communications), and I. We decided to do the round trip between base and Cotter without stopping in Cataractes to save some time. It was a bit long (8 and 8,5-hour walks) but it went well (though we still haven't seen reindeers; I'm really starting to believe their presence is a myth!!). We were back in Cotter for the return of the male macaroni  penguins after their first long trip at sea. When they're back, they take the females' place to brood. Females then decide to leave either directly, or a few days later. They go to feed at sea and rebuild their body reserves before coming back at hatching to feed their chick. As usual, we had to go to the colony several times a day to know when males were coming back and when they were back, which one of the males and females were on the egg. Before leaving, we watched a few females depart from the colony. We also unequiped males of their GPS and other devices we had deployed and equiped some females that were ready to go to sea to monitor their trips. At the beginning of the field session, males were a bit late compared to « normal »; since they weren't back yet, we couldn't do most of the work we had to do so we went on walks to take photos: shags on nest, wandering albatrosses mating, gentoo penguins' chicks in crèches... As you can imagine, we still saw a lot of nice wild scenes. Some « tourists » also came visit us, interrupting our routine: Jean-Yves, Jean-Mich and Gillou. Thank you for coming from that far away, it was nice to have some company and fresh food!! The good weather at that time allowed us to take some nice walks with them. We also thank Antoine for his company, humor, good mood and investment! It always nice to be with motivated accompanying guys!


Wandering albatrosses mating


Gentoo penguins' chicks in crèche

Kerguelen field macaroni penguins Cape Cotter

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