Last « fur seal » session

I just got back from Pointe Suzanne where my last field session focused on fur seals went very well once again. This time, Tiphaine and I were accompanied by Charles, Geophy. We kept on doing rounds to try to find all the marked pups and we equiped other females with Global Locating System devices. Denis, the captain, and Guillaume another guy working for the geophy programme came visit us as well and I left with them when they had to go. We thus made the usual "tourist tour" with them to see the shag colonies that were beginning to be empty, the molting gentoo penguins with weird looks at the top of the hills, the sooty albatros' chick which was pretty big by that time, the cave and all the fur seals, among which we observed a few Amsterdam fur seals (present but not reproducing in Kerguelen). Here are some photos so you can see how beautiful this was!


Me holding a fur seal pup


Subantarctic fur seal (look at those teeth!)


Gentoo penguins molting

Pointe Suzanne fur seals pups

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