On the way to Rat'

We're done with Cape Cotter and macaroni penguins; we're now going to a new place before our return to base: Ratmanoff, to see the king penguins. After Cape Cotter, we stopped at Cap Noir. We took our time for the transit (for once!), which was really pleasant. The beauty of landscapes justified frequent stops to take photos. First, there was a series of small nice coves full of fur seals' harems (we had never seen that many of them!!). We got to see a lot of pups, with their black furs. As usual, there were lots of elephant seals, skuas, giant petrels with big chicks, kelp gulls, terns, gentoo penguins and so on, but I was particularly glad to see light-mantled sooty albatrosses again. Some of them were mating and nesting on spectacular cliffs next to Cap Noir. Anyway, that was one of the most pleasant transits I had ever done, especially since the weather was so nice, which was surprising considering the thick fog we had that morning. We did the second part of the transit the next day after spending the night in the cabin of Cap Noir. We reached Ratmanoff after following more or less the coastline until Marville Lake, where we stopped to eat. After that, we walked on the dyke and followed beaches until the end. Fortunately, the wind was blowing from behind so it was easier to walk and we didn't get sand in our faces. On the way, we stopped quite often to take photos and look at the numerous skeletons of pilot and other whales, and elephant seals (let me tell you, Yves have taught us a lot about marine mammals' anatomy, we've learned and revised!). It was very interesting! And we're never tired of watching  queues of king penguins, lazy elephant seals, colonies of gentoo penguins and kelp gulls. Once again, it was a pleasant transit, through landscapes that were completely different from the ones we had seen the day before. 
Wandering albatros and cabin in Cap Noir at the end of the day
King penguins in front of the Peeper on the transit Cap Noir – Ratmanoff 
Gentoo penguins and pilot whale's skeleton between Cap Noir and Ratmanoff

Thibaut, Charly and Yves walking on the beach on the transit Cap Noir – Ratmanoff

Kerguelen seabirds albatros petrels Cap Noir transit Ratmanoff

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