Pointe Suz'

After Morne, Kéké and I went to spend a few days in Pointe Suzanne. We had to ring Kerguelen shags' chicks, in easily accessible nests on top of the cliffs they use to nest around Pointe Suzanne. There were still a few small chicks, but most of them were big enough to be ringed and measured. At this time of the year, their parents go on many trips to bring back food so they can grow and we often saw adults feeding chicks. They are impressive animals and the setting was beautiful, especially at the end of the day, when light is beautiful. Kéké and I also started to count fur seals' pups. We also helped Tiphaine, a PhD student working on fur seals, and Malcolm and Camille, two persons working on elephant seals. Tiphaine had to fit female fur seals with different devices (accelerometers, GPS....) and remove the devices from some of them who had come back from sea, and measure and weigh their pup at the same time. They are really cute and tough. It's not easy to to catch them. I also helped Malcolm and Camille to fit a few elephant seals with GPS to study the energetic expenditure during molting. And apart from that, gentoo penguins were closer to the shore, here too, and circled the hut. A few light-mantled sooty albatrosses also nesting near the hut had cute chicks and the different species' lifecyle went on in Pointe Suzanne! To sum up: another interesting field session and the pleasure to work with amazing species!  


Kerguelen shags: ringed chick and adult


Kerguelen shags' colonies


Kerguelen shags' colonies at sunset in Pointe Suzanne

Kerguelen Pointe Suzanne Kerguelen shags ringing chicks

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