Roaring forties, here we come!

On October, 13th around 7 pm, we crossed the 40th parallel of the Southern Hemisphere. We thus arrived in the famous roaring forties. We saw a bunch of changes compared to the beginning of the trip. First of all, air temperatures have decreased a lot (5-8°C now, whereas we had 20°C in Reunion Island). The weather has also started to deteriorate (a lot of rain yesterday morning and evening). But the biggest difference is that it moves much more. Some of us couldn't sleep last night (I have to say the wind was blowing at 50 knots, which is the equivalent of 10 on the Beaufort scale; for the ones who aren't familiar with that, it's the equivalent of a storm). The bags and stuff that weren't properly secured moved around in the cabin making a lot of noise. And the boat hitting waves also made a lot of noise. Plus the boat rolled a lot, which made it uncomfortable to lay in bed! Durin the day, it's quite spectacular to see water rushing against the sides of the boat. The sea was quite rough (waves of 5-6 meters high during the night). The nose of the boat regularly crosses the horizon. Water temperature has dropped as well, but is still around 14-15°C. A more drastic change should be observed soon. Regarding bird species, we also note some difference. We started to see more important concentrations of birds and new species (albatrosses, prions, giant petrels...). When I can, I'll put photos online, but for now, being on the boat, the emails I can send can only have very small attached files. So I'll let you use your imagination in the meantime!

Marion Dufresne Indian Ocean roaring forties

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