Snorkelling with elephant seals and boat ride

On November, 23rd, just back from Pointe Suzanne, Maxime and I were invited to go snorkelling with young elephant seals; they go for a bath in the morning and in the evening every day at this time of the year on base. Thanks to the agreement of the « district' leader» and the supervision of professional divers, we can go have a good time with those amazing animals! For people on base, it's the occasion to see them from another perspective. Gilles was with us in the water, and Fred monitored this activity from the surface. We had semi-dry suits allowing us to spend some time on the water without being uncomfortable (the water is indeed pretty cold, only 40 ° fahrenheit). The young elephant seals, suspicious at first, started to relax after a while and came check us out. We were in the water with about ten youngsters, we could play with them and pet them. Every now and then, they tried to bite us but they had tiny teeth so we couldn't really feel it. It was very cute! We thank the disker and the divers to have made this magical moment happen! Two days later, I went on my second boat trip in the gulf and took advantage of the « taxi » to see new places. Saint-Malo, Ile Longue, Ile aux Moules all were very different and those beautiful landscapes always make us happy! I showed how good I was at manoeuvring the boat (hummm!). But most of all, it was the stop on Ile Verte that I'll remember. The ladies who were living there for more than a month, Mariane and Nana, usually took advantage of the lay-over of the boat to see new faces, take a shower, and a warm cup of coffee. During this time, I went on the island with Gilles. I visited the hut, which is really nice. And that was the first time I could approach Kerguelen terns from so close. They nest on the ground and fake to attack us if they think we're too close from their nests. We also saw one chick. The weather was very nice and this short moment spent on Ile Verte was very pleasant. We then left and Denis was nice enough to get as close as possible to the Alberta, a boat wreck that was on the way, so we could take nice photos. We went back to PAF after this nice break. Here are some photos.


Me and young elephant seals


Young elephant seals underwater


The Alberta, a boat wreck in the Gulf of Morbihan


Kerguelen tern on Île Verte

Kerguelen barge seabirds terns elephant seals snorkelling base

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