To get in touch with me over there

As you know, we're past the Stone Age, so I'll have the internet on my island lost in the middle of the Southern Indian Ocean. But I need to tell you that it'll be mostly limited to our mailbox. I'll try to keep you posted on what I'm doing through a blog either manageable by emails (so different from this one, sorry about that! but when I'm back I'll put all the articles back on this one, don't worry), either by sending my articles and photos to someone who'll put them online (I'm not sure which option I'm gonna choose right now). Anyway, one way or the other, I'll give you some news. In return, I would really appreciate it if you wanna write to me. My email address over there will be the following: During my whole stay, just forget about Hotmail, Gmail and Facebook, since I won't have access to any of those sites until I come back; so send me messages on this IPEV address. Emails are nice, but you can also send me mail (I know, I'm lucky...!!). I know it's a bit complicated since it has to arrive before the boat leaves, but they'll be 4 occasions for you guys to send me letters (and packages...?). The Marion Dufresne will indeed be stopping 4 times on Kerguelen during my stay. The mail will leave from Reunion Island first and if the boat has left already, it'll be coming on the next trip. You should probably check how long the mail takes to go to Reunion Island online, but say, if it takes 15 days, you should write me before the following dates:
- 20th of November (for an arrival of the boat on December, 13th on Kerguelen Island)
- 8th of December (for an arrival of the boat on January, 8th on Kerguelen Island)
- 14th of January (for an arrival of the boat on February, 26th on Kerguelen Island)
- 4th of March (for an arrival of the boat on April, 3rd on Kerguelen Island).
My address will be the following (make sure you write it right, otherwise it might not get there!!):
"Mlle Elodie Camprasse
Base de Port-aux-Français
District de KERGUELEN
Obviously, it is pointless to tell you I'll be very happy to receive mail from the other end of the world! And, in return, I'll send you nice postcards and stamped enveloppes, that you should probably keep as it is very valuable -  philateslists from all over the world really look for that kinda stuff. And I even heard that some mailmen steal them sometimes! Here you can see my own stamp. It's a tradition in this kind of territories for people who overwinter there to create a customized stamp to celebrate their stay in those isolated regions. So what do you think? Pretty cool, no?


My personnal stamp

Kerguelen communication base

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