Here is the part of my blog that describes my stay in Pippi Longstocking's country. I was working there for two months as a field assistant collecting data on great tits and collared flycatchers in 2011. By reading this blog, you'll get an overview of our life in Sweden and the fieldwork I did for this project. 

What am I doing here?

Hi folks, I’m opening this blog to let you know how life’s treating me in Sweden and to explain my work on a daily basis. What am I doing on this island in the middle of nowhere? I obtained a field assistant position in Gotland (I’m gonna let you figure out where this is so you do a bit of work too!), thanks to a French research institute, to carry out research on great tits, and to a lesser extent collared flycatchers. I’ll give you more details as the field season goes on, but to sum up I’m gonna study the consequences of blood parasitism on those birds by carrying out behavioural tests, follow a population in one of the forests in the area, and do some more behavioural tests to see the link between behavior and immune functions. I’ll try to make it simple so everyone can understand, but if you don’t understand something or have questions, don’t hesitate to tell me! And don’t hesitate to write comments on the blog, I’ll be happy to read what you think.


Map of Gotland Island and location of the house and study area 

Travel and arrival – home sweet home for the next two months

I left Paris in the morning of the 22nd of April. Flight to Munich, then flight to Stockholm. After picking up my luggage, I took a shuttle to downtown Stockholm. After a few hours, I took a bus to Nynäshamn. By the time I got there, the temperature had already dropped quite a lot and it certainly was the Bahamas anymore or even Paris where the weather had been beautiful. After a few hours of waiting, I jumped in the ferry boat and after 3 hours, I arrived in Visby  (west of Gotland island). It was night time when I got there and it was even colder. Fanny, Aurélie, Matthieu, and Etienne came to pick me up at the ferry boat terminal. They are interns here and take part in the research on great tits and collared flycatchers as part of their studies. We needed an hour long ride to get to the house where other people live: the 4 interns, another field assistant, Cécile, a PhD student who coordinates the research activities and teams, Greg, and 2 people from Poland, Anna and Editha. There also another house (where we go to have access to internet!) where 4 other people involved in the research projects live. On the 23rd, I was allowed to sleep in in the morning since I arrived quite late. I was able to visit the house, unpack my stuff (I live in one of the rooms with Fanny and Aurélie), have a meeting with Greg regarding my missions, go have a look at what I can buy in the supermarket next door, and so on.



La maison où j’habite – devant et derrière / The house I live in – front and back


Our bedroom

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