Beginning of the incubation period

Despite the change of weather, our tits in Tuviken are doing pretty good, and in other plots as well from what I’ve heard and seen in other places. Some of them have started incubated their eggs, and now when we open the nest boxes, we can sometimes see the tits on their nests! It’s really cute! On this photo, it’s a blue tit, but the coal and great tits do the same. Some of them are shy and fly away as soon as we open the nest box and look what’s inside (but not to worry: they will go come back as soon as they know they are safe!)! For the most reckless of them, they stay on the nest and we have to try to make them fly away by poking them gently with a small stick to be able to count their “precious”. Some, like the one on the photo, won’t even move at all and we have to manage moving them to the side of the box to be able to see and count the eggs. But don’t panic, then we leave them alone during twelve days, during which they incubate the eggs. We’ll come back at day12 (we have to keep track of the dates for which we have to check each nest!) and if everything’s allright, we’ll find newly-hatched chicks! And then we do other things, but I’ll tell you later not to reveal everything at once! Sometimes, the tits are not in the nest box, but we can still determine if the incubation has started. Indeed, if it did, the eggs are totally uncovered like on the photo and when we gently touch them, we can tell they are hot.



Blue tit incubating


Great tit nest in which the incubation has started

Sweden great tit Gotland incubation

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