Lars Jonnson Museum and Highland Cattle

The 12th of May, Cécile and I went for a walk since we had finished working quite early. We stopped at the Lars Jonnson Museum, a Swedish naturalist and illustrator. It is in a small village 15 minutes away from home by car.  This man lives in Gotland; he has illustrated a few famous guides of ornithology. The museum is quite small, but the paintings are pretty impressive. Most of them represent birds of course, but also nature in general. After that, we went to the “nature house”, just next to the museum.  It’s a really nice place; there are a few explanations in English (yes, because so far, we didn’t make a lot of progress learning Swedish…). After this nice visit, we drove to Muskmyr in the end of the afternoun. There is an observation tower there, but we didn’t see a lot of birds unfortunately. We followed the trail and had a pleasant walk through the nature reserve where we saw our first orchids. In the end, when we came back to the car, we saw the Highland cattle; you know, those funny cows with long hair!? Here are a few photos so you can get a feel for the place. We can never be tired of afternouns like those!  Especially because now the work load is gonna increase, which is probably gonna prevent us for going for walks after work !  


Muskmyr observation tower




Orchids in Muskmyr



Highland cattle 

Sweden Gotland museum Muskmyr

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