They are here!

After the first coal tits chicks, we can now see the first great tit babies. The first hatching has happened on the 14th, at least in “my” plot, Tuviken. Now my work load is thus gonna increase. I need to go everyday check whether or not the babies are born, until all of them are out of their eggs. Usually all the chicks hatch within two days, not all of them are born at the same time.  After 4 days, I’ll go get the dead chicks or the eggs which have not hatched out, which happens every now and then. In general, the parents take them out of the nest naturally, but since we need the data anyway, we go check and do that for them. Then we’ll leave them alone for a little while. I’ll come back on the 9th and 14th day after hatching to ring the chicks and measure them. I’ll also go catch the parents to ring, weigh and measure them from day 8 to 12 after hatching.  But I’ll tell you more about that later! 


Sweden chicks great tits Gotland

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