Today, after assisting Anna with the ringing and plot checking , Editha, Anna and I went to Visby. She had to go pick up one of their Polish colleagues at the ferry boat station at 8 pm. So we left a bit early to visit the city. When we arrived, we first went to the supermarket; a big one with a lot of choice and not too expensive, unlike in Burgsvik (the village where we live for those who didn’t follow!) where the Ica is very small, doesn’t have a lot of products and is very expensive. Small anecdote: I wanted to buy a bottle of liquor to keep at home and it’s not possible to find liquors in the supermarket in Gotland (maybe in Sweden n general apparently) (to reduce alcoholism? According to some people…). You can find a few kinds of beers maybe one or two kinds of wines, but that’s it, even in the big supermarkets like in Visby.

Then we went downtown for sightseeing. It’s the biggest city in Gotland; there are 22000 inhabitants. Visby is famous for its ramparts/fortifications and ruins (some of them as old as the 13th century). We saw a lot of pretty houses and churches. For Easter, they have trees decorated with colored feathers; it’s a Swedish tradition. Too bad it wasn’t the season when roses bloom, it’s supposed to be even prettier. The botanical garden didn’t have flowers neither unfortuntely. We walked next to the seashore for a little bit and then stopped next to a pond to watch tue duck and an oystercatcher (for the ones who don’t know anything about birds, here is a photo), with the view of the city on the background. Another thing I noticed: here everything seems to close very early. In general, around 6pm everything is closed. It’s not the touristic season yet, but still! It’s a bit sad to take a wander in the streets at this time, because it’s dead; there’s nobody. We had been to the pub next to our house in Burgsvik before, and it closed at 8 pm, which surprised us! Anyway, then we went to the ferry boat station to pick up Eva and we left. We stopped on the way home to take pictures of the beautiful sunset and then to visit a fishing station. 


Tree decorated for Easter


Ruins in Visby






Sunset on the way home

Sweden Gotland Visby

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